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Pastor Mike Qualls and his wife, Carol, came to Lakeland Baptist Church in March of 2015. Married in September of 1988, they have raised 4 children: Levi, Carrie, Aaron, and Isaac. Although their daughter, Carrie, lives in North Carolina with their 3 grandchildren, their 3 sons serve God faithfully at Lakeland Baptist Church as well. Since launching his ministry in 1989, Pastor Qualls has preached the gospel of Jesus Christ across the country. Starting out in the Rest Home ministry the first 5 years, he would go on to pastor 2 churches in North Carolina over the following 10 years. Prior to coming to Lakeland, he would do the work of an evangelist for 13 years preaching in meetings nationwide. Along with his preaching ministry, our pastor also ministers through his leather-work. Giving out Bibles with specialized handcrafted covers to some of our most prominent leaders across the country (see our Bible Presentations tab on the Home page). Although his ministry is diverse and widespread, there’s no place our pastor enjoys ministering to more than to the precious people of Lakeland Baptist Church. The congregation cordially invites you to come hear our pastor in any or all of our services.

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